Continuing Education for Practicing Clinicians

Six Courses & Six Strategies

Assessment-Treatment-Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders & Disability

Developed by Wayne Rath, PT, Dip MDT and Jean Duffy Rath, PT, Dip MDT


Introduction to the System Low Back Pain Disorders Neck Pain Disorders Upper Limb Disorders Lower Limb Disorders Chronic Pain and Disability


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The Introductory course is taken online and is a pre-requisite for the other five. It provides the foundation of information that supports the Duffy-Rath approach to assessment, treatment and prevention for regional application of the system. Although many thousands of clinicians have taken Wayne’s courses over the years, this course provides a new, extensive and updated background that is essential to optimizing effectiveness and efficiency of the system. The course provides CE credit based upon 10 contact hours. This has enabled the regional courses to be streamlined. There is a new book available for those interested in more information regarding the basis for the system (click here).The five assessment-treatment-prevention (A-T-P) courses are a combination of an online component followed by a 1-day workshop. These courses used to be 2 – 2.5 days long. The online material must be completed prior to attending the live workshop and enables the instructor to focus on clinical application and practical sessions throughout the entire day. Each course provides CE credit based upon 11 contact hours.


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