The prevention of musculoskeletal and lifestyle-related disorders and disability through education, training and research.


1. Primary Prevention – before onset.
2. Secondary Prevention – quickly after onset for rapid resolution and prevention of recurrence.
3. Tertiary Prevention – for chronic conditions to minimize consequence by providing a strategic, long-term solution to maximal potential.
4. Quaternary Prevention – by providing an individualized biopsychosocial approach to stay active, able and self-reliant.



The Duffy-Rath System© for Injury Prevention at Work – a proven system to reduce injury rates and severity, enhance employee satisfaction and productivity for more than 25 years. More than 100,000 workers empowered from office work to heavy manufacturing – the missing piece of the puzzle in your ergonomics or injury prevention program.

Approved Provider of Continuing Education – online and live workshop series to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of care for the most common MSDs with a prevention-based approach. An evidence-based approach to individualized care of patients with a focus to long-term results. Groups programs available.

Individualized Patient Care and Consultation – we spend the time with each patient needed to get at root issues and develop the best individual strategy to resolve your problem to maximum potential. Our focus is to educate and train you to become your own care-giver, prevent recurrence and remain active and able for a lifetime.



Develop your personal

Against spine pain and cumulative/degenerative musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)
A Physical Investment Program for a Lifetime of Activity & Ability