The Duffy-Rath System© (DRS) started in 1984 when Wayne and Jean were recruited to help a local company struggling with an epidemic of carpal tunnel syndrome. They were hired to provide onsite treatment for several dozen workers that were not responding to previous care and were headed for surgery. Every case was successfully treated without the need for injection or surgery – the difference in our approach was the ability to localize the source of the symptoms (many were cervical) and specifically train each patient to self-manage.

This new focus on training patients in musculoskeletal self-efficacy enabled them to recover faster and prevent recurrence which naturally segued to developing programs that prevent the onset of the most common musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) in the first place. The word of this success spread rapidly and the DRS has since provided services to tens of thousands of workers across the country in a complete range of work environments (i.e. office, construction, light and heavy manufacturing etc.). The demand for DRS services has grown continuously, mainly through ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing; a clear testament to its effectiveness. Health, safety and medical professionals who know us often refer to us as, “the missing piece of the puzzle in ergonomics and injury prevention.”

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