The Duffy-Rath System: An Introduction

A Prevention-based Approach for Activity-related Musculoskeletal Disorders & Disability – Clinician’s Edition

This book introduces the Duffy-Rath System for the assessment, treatment and prevention of cumulative and degenerative musculoskeletal disorders and disability. The system is a prevention-based approach that provides patients and clients with strategies to gain control of signs and symptoms and develop a personalized strategy to remain active and able through their working years and into retirement. The system has been helping many thousands of patients and clients become self-reliant since 1984. This book provides the basic concepts, background and evidence-basis for the system and is a pre-requisite to learning regional application of the approach. Introduced are the concepts of the three stages of MSDs, the prevention continuum, musculoskeletal self-efficacy and six strategies to successfully manage the complete range of cumulative and degenerative disorders. The mission for the system is; “the prevention of musculoskeletal and lifestyle-related disorders and disability through education, training and research.”


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