The Movement Maintenance Program Video: The Core Movements

The Movement Maintenance Program (MMP) video was designed to help individual’s maintain a healthy range of motion through a daily ‘stretching’ routine. This requires strict adherence to guidelines that includes, but is not limited to proper technique and listening to your body’s response and reacting appropriately.

Therefore you must be familiar with basic concepts and follow the guidelines, know proper technique as well as how to prevent errors. This is covered in the two sections of the video entitled; Introduction to the Core Movements, and Preventing Common Errors. You must watch these two sections first before starting the basic core movements routine.

The first routine to master is the ‘Basic Core Movements’ section. Once this is accomplished you can then go on to master the other two core movement routines; one with an upper body and the other with a lower body focus. How quickly you progress through the routines should be determined by following the guidelines closely and carefully.

You must consult with your physician before starting any of the routines if you have a current musculoskeletal disorder or medical condition, or any other concern.

By clicking the button below you agree to follow all these instructions closely and carefully, and will continue with the routine(s) only if they are providing a benefit to your biomechanical health and ability.


Introduction to the Movement Maintenance Program: The Core Movements

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Movement Maintenance Program: Practice One Movement At a Time

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