Tracy Barrett, MD (Internal Medicine)

I met Wayne Rath after I had seen two neurosurgeons and four other physical therapists… and at a point in my herniated-cervical – disc journey when I was about to give up all hope that I could avoid surgery and/or a sleepless life of chronic pain and limitation.

As a physician, I am sorry to say, that my course through the health care system was not what I expected. I was urged by both neurosurgeons to have surgery as the best, perhaps only, way to end the pain I was in. I was told by the physical therapists all the things I shouldn’t do (look down, chop vegetables/prep food to cook, walk my dogs) – and all the things I could probably never do again (trail run, shovel, garden, go backpacking) –and all the expensive equipment I should by ($400 traction device).

Wayne’s approach (the Duffy Rath System) was a refreshing departure from what I had experienced – He was the first person who was optimistic and said I had a reasonable chance at a full recovery and restoration of functioning – and that is what I had – in about 12 weeks – with pain that came under control and became quite manageable within 3 to 4 weeks.

Wayne’s evaluation was careful, comprehensive and patient (I had a chance to tell my story and share my observations and what I had learned about my injury and limitation) – His physical exam was the most thorough I had undergone – and, he was able to tell me what my MRI showed after examining me – without seeing it. Now there is a hint at how to control health care costs: Take the time to do a thorough, careful, thoughtful exam, listen to the patient, and ask the right questions – instead of ordering a $1500.00 diagnostic test.

The careful exam led to a better understanding of my particular situation –functionally more of a nerve entrapment than the a structural impingement due to the herniated disc evidenced on my MRI – and a therapy program that was more refined and more focused than what I had previously been given –(the Mackenzie exercises ). I had spent weeks doing exercise that hurt and didn’t seem to make anything better – and hours at physical therapy lying in a dark room with a TENS unit or an ice pack. With a series of simple exercises (that I couldn’t imagine would work!) I regained my functional abilities and shed the pain. Wayne and the Duffy Rath program taught me what was wrong, showed me how to fix it, and best of all, taught me how to live going forward to maintain my functioning and avoid or minimize a recurrence in the future with their TTFB (Tools to Fight Back). My story is not unique – musculoskeletal aches and pains of varying severity are part of all our lives – and there is a smart, effective way to deal with them and learn to avoid them! I have sent friends, neighbors, and family to Wayne – all have had a similar experience – and all have been equally impressed and grateful. I have told Wayne that his approach and his practice are examples of everything that could be righted in our broken health care system —

If you’re reading this then you are looking for a good physical therapist and a solution to your suffering and limitation, you want to get better and go on with your life, and you should call Duffy –Rath Physical Therapy without delay. Good Luck!



Anthony Chiodi, MD (Pediatrician)

I just wished to express my gratitude for help with my back. You may not remember me…………but I remember you. Two years ago I came to your office after seeing several physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists for a herniated L5-S1 disc. I was in quite a bit of pain, had limited range of motion, and was unable to sit for very long. Your education and exercises have helped me tremendously. I can run and play with my daughter (now 2 years old and a little spitfire), work and care for my patients and even participate in sports. Inspired by several friends, including yourself, I have taken up running this year and completed the Utica Boilermaker 15K last week. I hope this message finds you well and in good health. Thank you for mine.



Ron Fox, Professor Emeritus, Harvard

In early October 2004 I had an injury that produced a persistent painful condition in my neck and left arm. My condition that was diagnosed by a specialist doctor as requiring neck/backbone surgery. My decision to contact you, based on the recommendation of a friend, was made in the off chance that physical therapy could avoid the surgery for which I was otherwise headed.

Now, after working with you for three months my pain has progressively declined, then disappeared, much to the amazement of my specialist doctor and myself. It is now clear that surgery is neither necessary nor advisable.

My recovery is clearly attributable to your careful diagnosis of my problems. It is also attributable to the sensible and flexible plan of therapy that you developed, prescribed and carried out to correct my problems.

I am most appreciative of both your professional skills and your calm, clear, professional manner throughout my therapy. You have made an immense improvement in the quality of my life.

Many thanks for your good work.



Gerry Edwards, MD

I have had the good fortune to know Wayne Rath for many years have watched him develop programs, treat patients and teach worldwide. I have benefited from his training and treatment. He has developed a unique, evidence based approach that has helped thousands of people. He understands body mechanics on a level that few trainers, physical therapists or physicians do. He has been able to integrate these practices into larger medical, wellness and business systems in ground breaking ways. He is caring and always respectful of those he works with and teaches. He is masterful at giving clear, simple, effective guidance and techniques that can transform chronic pain or physical limitations related to the back and neck or overuse injuries. I have no reservations recommending him to my family, friends or patients who have pain or functional limitations that they are motivated to change, even (especially) if they have already tried and failed. I am happy to see him expand this group’s service as I am sure it will help many more people. Keep moving!



Trigger Thumb (2 treatment sessions)

I had what I suspected to be trigger thumb, a very painful and debilitating condition concerning the tendons in the base of the thumb. My orthopedic doctor said I’d need surgery and referred me to a hand surgeon. Not comfortable with that, I went to my family doctor, and hoped I could get a shot of cortisone. He was not happy with that and sent me to the Best physical therapist he knew: Wayne Rath. He said Wayne was well known for helping many people correct their injuries with his special physical therapy techniques and avoid surgery or sometimes dangerous cortisone treatments. Wayne did a very throughout examination and testing of my hand and thumb, confirmed my suspicions of trigger thumb and explained clearly what it was. He then gave me exercises and techniques to do at home that would cure the problem. He said my trigger thumb would be cured. He was right, it’s healed. Wayne gave me hope. I would highly recommend for whatever your physical therapy needs may be.

You’re definitely one of my heroes!
Vicki Fleming