The Duffy-Rath System© has crafted many tools to help individuals prevent cumulative, degenerative musculoskeletal disorders as you age. The goal is to go through your working year’s active, healthy and able that continues into a long and enjoyable retirement. You deserve this, but it doesn’t happen without your investment in strategic exercise. We view the cumulative investment in exercise and good health habits to be directly analogous to your financial retirement program. It is never too late to start; all you need are guidelines, commonsense and personal commitment. The many health benefits to routine exercise is now undeniable:

Take a look at our introduction to preventing musculoskeletal disorders for aging workers and some of the testimonials to help you find the motivation to get started. We have individual and group programs available to help. Contact us if you have further interest in our particular approach ( or – most importantly get yourself into action and activity.

Introduction: Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders for Aging Workers

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