Below are links to the Duffy-Rath video: Preventing MSD during Office Work. The video can be in its entirety (approximately 1 hour) or in sections. There are 9 chapters; since some of the chapters are long, especially the “Correcting Posture” chapter, they are divided into sub-chapters so that the viewer can go directly to a topic of interest. Let us know if you have questions or if you want to provide us with feedback. This video can be purchased as a DVD and there are also many support materials available; e.g. booklets, posters, slide presentations etc. Contact Wayne or Jean if interested in this option:

Preventing MSD during Office Work (Using the Duffy-Rath System ©)

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Introduction – 2:37


Risk Factors & Warning Signals – 2:07


Correcting Posture – 19:52


Adjusting Your Chair – 6:40


Desk Set-up – 9:55



Monitor – 4:56


Make it Fit You – 0:37


Micro-pause Stretches – 6:53


Conclusion – 1:31


View All Videos – 55:56